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Are you looking for a ride to THATCamp PNW? Are you able to give others a ride?

Then leave a comment below with your request or offer, as well as your contact info (e.g., Twitter handle, email address, or office phone).



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Hello! I'm happy to be facilitating THATCamp Victoria 2011.

8 Responses to Rideshare

  1. Matt Kopas says:

    Hi all,

    A ride would be very helpful if anyone’s leaving from Seattle on Saturday morning. As it is I’m planning on taking Metro, but it’s about twice as long of a trip that way. If you think you could help me out, please contact me at @mattkopas. Thanks!

  2. Jill Seidenstein says:

    I, like Matt, live in Seattle and would appreciate a ride up and back. I’m on Capitol Hill, but happy to come somewhere to meet you.

    Please let me know! @outseide


  3. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Hey All,
    I live in Seattle as well as would appreciate a ride. I’m happy to help with gas as well. I live in Northgate, but am happy to meet folks wherever. @mboogie924

    Many Thanks!

  4. Michael Tardiff says:

    I will be in Seattle as well. Was banking on public transit but Saturday service is limited.

  5. Ariel Wetzel says:

    Does anyone know if/what UW Bothell charges for parking on the weekends?

  6. Jentery says:

    Ariel: I believe they do.

  7. Adding my name to this list, too. I’m coming from Greenwood. Would love a ride, if you’re willing: @jenterysayers.

  8. Rahul says:

    Seems we all need rides — ditto on the ride from Cap Hill, although it seems that no one has a car. Guess I will have to get up early and bus it; for those of you living near the Hill and/ or downtown, the ST 522 Express is the fastest way to get to UWB and leaves from Pike & 6th (outside of American Eagle)…

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