A Few Session Possibilities

I’m a bit late proposing topics, but here are a few nebulous thoughts:

* Open source possibilities in academia – alternative publishing and public scholarship meet the necessities of the tenure track

* Digital humanities and accessibility: there’s already a proposal for accessibility and graduate education, but I’d like to talk about how we incorporate DH into undergraduate classes when students may not even have had a computer before arriving on campus.

* I’m newly-interested in using GIS data for teaching historical periods and literature, and would love to hear others’ experience and thoughts.

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  1. Kent Hooper says:

    Re: how we incorporate DH into undergraduate classes….. and also GIS in classes — dovetails with my interest in establishing a DH minor at a small liberal arts college — what sort of coherent sequence of courses might be included? You’re correct in assuming that many incoming students–even those who arrive with computers–while eager to explore DH, have yet to master copying an image off the web and pasting it into a Word Doc….Where to begin? What is manageable at the middle levels (GIS, TEI?). Is a programming class necessary in a DH minor?

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