Two session ideas

And very open-ended ones, at that.

I’d be really interested in a session, or track, on social justice/tech pedagogy. This might encompass

  • teaching students about using technology;
  • teaching them about studying and analyzing different technologies in terms of the issues they raise for public/private freedoms, etc.; and
  • the challenges and opportunities of using the net to study revolutions, movements, and other social-justice related phenomena.
I would also like to see a session or track on activism that might examine
  • how technology is altering the meaning of what constitutes activism, both positively and negatively. (I’m thinking about how platforms like FB, Twitter, and G+ make it easier for people to declare their stance on an issue, ┬áthe problems of too much noise trivializing those declarations, and cases like Lisa Simeone and Caitlin Curran
  • the intersections of activism and academia
I can see how either of these might be blended with some of the other session proposals that have already been posted, like the gender session or the access session.
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