Technologies & Social Justice

Many scholars, activists, and programmers in the PNW and beyond are invested in the social and political implications of new technologies. Meanwhile, THATCamp participants such as Angel David NievesMarta S. Rivera Monclova, Amanda PhillipsAlexis Lothian, Tanner Higgin, and many others have proactively organized THATCamp sessions related to—for example—diversity in the digital humanities, an open digital humanities, and digital humanities and social justice.

THATCamp PNW 2011 follows in the steps of this work, becoming an opportunity for all involved to collaboratively approach new tech and networked media through the perspectives of social justice. Those who are curious about such an approach, or are experienced with it, are especially invited to register.

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About Jentery Sayers

Hello! I'm happy to be facilitating THATCamp Victoria 2011.